Halo 4, One Year Later Peak Population

Well, it”s been about a year since Halo 4 released.

Halo 4 was 343′s first full go at their own Halo title since Bungie left the Microsoft umbrella to go work on Destiny.

The reception of Halo 4 was thus. A graph of Halo 4′s peak population, every day, for the last year:


Click the image to enlarge

Some points I didn’t have a good way to write up or didn’t care to:

* Halo 4 lasted a whole two entire months in the Top 3 of the Xbox Live activity chart. Halo 3 didn’t fall out of the Top 3 until Halo Reach released – 3 years after it’s release. Halo Reach didn’t fall out of the Top 3 until 343′s title update for the game after they took over the game, 12 months after release.

* Roughly a year after release, Halo 3 had a 1.1 million peak population day. Reach had a 900,000 peak population day after the same amount of time. Halo 4 clocks in at 20,000 peak for it’s annual checkup.

* 343 attempted to require the Majestic DLC for Team Slayer. The DLC requirement took the playlist from the top 2 in population to almost the bottom. They removed the DLC requirement afterwards and removed the DLC requirements from their weekly playlists after the first weekly playlist struggled to maintain over 150 players in it. Keep in mind the Majestic map pack was included in the map pass…

via: neogaf.com